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     People ask me, "Why snakes?".  I grew up in a family that has always loved the outdoors and nature.  My parents took me for frequent nature walks, trips to the zoo, and lots of fishing .  My family always had pets, such as cats and dogs.  But it wasn't until I was 18 years old that I first fell in love with reptiles...and it was all thanks to a corn snake!  One of my better friends in college had a pet amelanistic corn snake named, "Jerry".  The more I held Jerry, the more I was amazed by him.  I had never got to see a snake eat before, and I had never really seen truly how gentle and friendly captive reptiles can be.  I was hooked!

     With literally hundreds of varieties of corn snake color/pattern combinations available, I am one of the "many" who couldn't stop at just one!  They are amazing creatures, each one having their own personality, behavioural habits, eating habits, and tendencies.  My collection grew to more than just a couple of pets, and I now love to share my fascination of these beautiful creatures with people everywhere. 

     I am currently the Vice-President of the Southwest Missouri Herpetological Society.  The SWMOHS is a non-profit organization created for the education and conservation of both native and non-native species of reptiles and amphibians, and the care and education in captive herp keeping.  For more information about the SWMOHS, contact me and/or click the link to our website on my "Links" page.

     I moved to the Kansas City, Missouri area in 1987, then moved to southwest Missouri in 1995.  I attended Missouri State University where I got a degree in Psychology/Business/and Management.  Besides the outdoors, I have always been big into sports, especially golf and soccer.  In 2002, my daughter, Tyler, was born.  She is the cutie on the home page!  She seems to be taking after her father as she loves outdoor activities and nature, including reptiles!

     I am easy to reach, and I am happy to answer any questions or inquiries you may have.  I answer e-mails many times a day.  E-mail me at  If you prefer not to pay via PayPal, I also accept U.S. Postal money orders.

     Want to know more about corn snakes?  Go to my "Caresheet" section where you can view my detailed six-page caresheet...'cause the more you know about your new pet, the happier you and your new pet will be!

     John Kieny

     718 River Rock Ct.

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